Navigator Onboarding Testimonials

When I came to Germany, it felt like my first day of kindergarten. I didn´t know anyone or what to do. The Team of Navigator onboarding not only scheduled my meetings, they even took me to all of them. From my appointment, with the welcome center, to looking to flats or getting health insurance. I didn´t have to worry about anything. They are very knowledgeable about what was needed to start my life in Hamburg. I was able to focus on my new job, while they took care of everything else.

Ron Manning, Produktionsleitung


Fabian has been a key support in helping me sorting out some issues I had while working abroad in Germany. As a non-German speaker, It would have been impossible to sort out all possible complications related to changing my car's plate staying within the time constraints imposed by law. He was brilliant in contacting the right people and the best services to make everything work fine and smooth. His flexible and positive attitude, the ability to find logical solutions, as well as his language skills and his endless availability are his best selling points. I couldn't thank him enough to make my life a lot easier, letting me to focus on my job without having to worry about the rest.

Daniele Pezzella - 3D Animator @ goodgame studios