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To feel at ease in a new home country, the quality and aesthetics of one’s own four walls are a crucial element. Our numerous contacts and networks of professional relationships enable us to provide our customers top-tier support in their access to housing. We’re no strangers to the vagaries of Hamburg’s residential market; just as importantly, we’re respectful of and attentive to our customers' needs. It remains our highest priority to ensure that every member of our clientele finds the home of his or her dreams.

A partial selection of our services in this area includes:

  • Screening of the residential market
  • Accompaniment and counsel before, during, and after prospective flat viewing
  • Explanation and translation of lease agreements
  • Personal assistance during the apartment handover
  • Registration of access to gas/water/electricity/tv and radio fee/internet/telephone
  • Registration of place of residence with city authorities and mail service
  • Additional flat searches
  • Notification in case of change of address

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